I can't believe the traffic running around my little town tonight. Everyone is rushing to and fro, getting ready for New Years. The parking lot of the liquor store down the block is bedlam. If I thought everyone buying booze there was going to be a responsible drinker I wouldn't be having the vague feelings of disgust at seeing how busy the liquor store is. On the other hand, I could meet pretty young girls down there... when they beg me to buy them some hooch. *sigh*

I am safely ensconsed on my couch and I'm not getting off it until next year. I'm going to eat my baked coldcut sammich and drink a glass of wine and watch the Three Stooges marathon and KILL MY FUCKING PARROT IF SHE DOESN'T STOP CHEWING EVERYTHING IN SIGHT!!!

Also, here's your spam poetry, sent to me today from Partnership S. Tapioca
salsa as
teats falls
also think
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