Spam madness

My spam email of the day (are you sick of these yet?) is from jujubeRhodes who writes:
The amass inconclusive. Shepandemonium coat. He eighteen script
spacecraft autumn friar

seize yerself a desparate babe :
But what really excites me about the spam software generating these missives is what was included down at the very bottom of this email. Now, I don't know the real purpose of this text - I see it often in spam - but it struck me as very poetic. So here is some spam poetry.
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She tor tress muff hawthorn stare .
jackpot downcast collate classificatory chilean .
chamber burn curvaceous becloud lifelike .
The lindquist bullyboy mycobacteria declarative euphrates .
She flexural diagnosable covariant takeoff . And
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She bertha archaic accolade catalogue conservator .and
rastus blueprint freddie chapter abigail .
The counterman sternal centrifugate cornelius motel .
constitutive el abo glycerol gorge trickster .and
splayed addison airframe landhold .
havoc kale caribbean babcock ascomycetes sibley .
The spunk honeywell inhospitable omnipotent .
She field join ian adkins advert .
The flatware breastplate asher .
monocotyledon lucrative decennial palmolive vantage butte .
A line from one of Alanis Morissette's songs comes to mind at this point, for no particular reason. -- "I'm sick but I'm pretty, baybeh." Indeed. Have I mentioned, BTW, that I would like to wrestle Alanis Morissette in a vat of lime jello? Is that so wrong?

Oh! I almost forgot! I had promised, in an earlier post, to include pictures of the crazy guy in the Chinese restaurant if I got a chance. Well, I took some shots with my camera phone as he raved around the room last night. The pics here are linked to my Flickr space where you can see bigger, but not much clearer shots.

Crazy guyHere we see the man emerging from the bathroom in which he spends a great deal of time. I don't think he actually uses the facilities, except perhaps the mirror. He just maintains his monologue of vulgarities and vague threats.

Crazy guy 2Last night, as usual, he was sitting by the window mumbling to himself. Overheard this time: "My mother gave him money!... Kill those bastards!..." Then, incongruously, "You'd better get an education!"

Crazy guy 3At one point the madman slammed a chair around at another table. Despite there being three of us eating, and despite having just come from karate class, we were all quite frightened little wussies. But gods this guy is entertaining!
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I plan on wearing a shepandemonium coat all winter
I had already formed the opinion that you were a sensible lad. I am certain that Old Navy will produce another nausea inducing media extravaganza, starring Paris Hilton and Gary Coleman, highlighting shepandemonium coats in performance fleece.