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I ganked from mahaloluinoa, who clued me to the story of model Petra Nemcova, a victim of the tsunami in Thailand. In an article at, Ms. Nemcova was described as a model-survivor. A model-survivor. I'll let more talented people than me have fun with this. To be fair, though, and show some sensitivity, she was seriously injured. “There might be pieces of bone stuck to my organs,” said Nemcova. She was on morphine when she said this.

At first I am motivated to bitch about how media focuses on the rich and famous but when I think about it I realize that telling a story about someone that many people recognize often does make the story more personal. So many people feel like they know celebrities. Some feel they know them so well that they find themselves at the celebrities houses and get arrested for stalking. But that's another story. Thanks a lot Harvey Keitel! Anyway, telling stories about famous people caught in the same dire straights as so many strangers brings all of us closer together, doesn't it? Now give me a hug.

In other news, I did a shitty job shaving this morning and I am one wooly seaslug. I am the Robin Williams of seaslugs.
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