A spam before bedtime

(I can't get enough of these spam emails from Pluto.)

From: Ethel Hwinrrub [] (I received an email from a Houyhnhnm.)
Subject: Fresh expand your member solution! (I don't need help expanding my member.)
Date: December 27, 2004 10:11:40 PM EST
To: Colette Snilxit (Apparently this is my Sci Fi Channel version of Legend of Earthsea secret magic name.)

A late survey displays that 53 % of girls are discontented
with their sexual mates. certainly big part of these women
would never impart their associate that they are miserable.

Adjust this trouble

(This just in -- the survey was late, and so were the girls which is why they are now discontented with their sexual mates. I suspect they will, indeed, impart their associate. Now excuse me because I have to adjust my trouble.)
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