I suppose I should comment on the disaster affecting so much of Asia. First of all, why is it always necessary to count the number of Americans killed in whatever? For instance, on the ABC News web page we see "At least three Americans were among the nearly 14,000 people killed." Well holy shit! Now it's a fucking tragedy! It's typical that Bush would not interrupt his post-Christmas vacation to show a little solidarity with the rest of the world.

The first I heard about the earthquake and tsunamis was right here on LJ. I don't tend to follow the news at all because it's often skewed or seemingly completely irrelevant to my purposeless daily life and, therefore, information overload. A few LJ'ers have been talking about donating to AMURT. Before I saw it mentioned on LJ I had never heard of AMURT. It's a disaster relief organization founded in 1965. In my grinchy little heart I don't like giving to international aid organizations. I don't trust them. Either they have a huge beuracracy mis-managing everything and wasting money, or somebody in the organization is stealing, or whatever they provide to some rotting cesspool of a country has 90% skimmed off the top by some dictator that the US put into power, or the aid organization has a religious foundation and the price of a bowl of gruel is conversion to Christianity. Has any improvement at all in the lives of the world's poor been provided by any of these relief organizations? I mean, just look at Mother Theresa, that foul crone. Millions and millions of dollars donated to her organization and where is it? Gathering interest in some bank and being tapped by the Roman Catholic Church, that's where. Certainly not used to expand the small operations she maintained in India. What a public relations genius she was. You know what I donated to this weekend? Somebody who's cat needs a hip operation, that's what. At least I'll be able to spit in Mother Theresa's eye when I see her in hell. If there are any aid organizations that deserve trust and respect I'd like to know what they are.

Since it's Monday, this is my news and information post of the week. Today is the first (later edit) second day of Kwaanza. It's also the first day of Seaslugs Are Great, or SAG. I just invented it because seaslugs, as a species, just don't get enough respect. Speaking of sea creatures and things with tentacles, User Friendly, the comic strip, was quipping (is that a word?) about "Pickle Me Cthulhu" dolls today. The Old Ones make frequent appearances in that web comic for all you fans of the Lovecraft mythos and comics about computer geeks.

That's about all I have at the moment so until I stumble onto something else while surfing here at work, here, in the style of The Daily Show, is your moment of zen --

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i've always noticed the american death toll and been irritated, as well. but i think it's a holdover from the war days, when people didn't know if their family members had perhaps been killed. news is an essentially local endeavor, too, and must be so, even in a globalized age.
Well, I think you make some excellent points. I'd be very curious to know how often other countries mention their citizens, particularly, in any statistical announcement. I agree that news needs to be a local endeavor in certain situations but when an event of almost global proportions occurs in future I will feel better when and if the US, and perhaps countries in general, refer to people without the need for qualification.

By the way, nice teeth.
why thank you! feel free to post YOURS if you're inspired, and validate my existence/efforts etc... and as for news in other countries, consider me tragically underinformed, shamefully insular, and all that. i did take a journalism class, and the number one thing you learn first is RELEVANCE to your audience, and I don't think reporters can exorcise that with such ease.
Having much more confidence in my dentition (nary a cavity!) than in my ability to converse at an intelligent level I am happy to provide you with an image of my choppers.

oh HELL YEAH. what's with these good SPORTS lately!!!! this is just too awesome. too awesome. I'm adding your teeth and others to my post/project. reply if you do not approve.