How I spent Xmas evening or, Another glass of wine, please

I went to my friend Tess' house after I was done with work. All the usual suspects were there. I got some prezzies of my very own: A box of chocolates, $20 worth of passes to the local cineplex which, in this little burg, will get me into four matinees, and two books; Middlesex, by Jefferey Eugenides and A Handmaid's Tale, by Margaret Atwood, which I already own and have read. Oh well. I didn't tell them that.

I took some pics. I didn't use the flash again, because you can't take candid shots with a flash after the first couple, plus it looks like there's lightning in your house. Once again, the photos turned out a bit blurry because I haven't learned how to compensate for no flash.

The sleigh is loaded Prezzies

The sleigh is loaded. The money envelopes with the 3D foam stickers turned out really well and were admired. Also there's a book, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, by Mitch Albom, for Tess. And a big box of Hickory Farms products.

The tree at Tess' house

The tree, in the livingroom of Tess' new house which she and her boyfriend, seated to the left, just bought. The place is huge, on an acre and a quarter of property.


Tess in the kitchen. Caught her just as she was about to crack wise. She didn't say anything, though.


The oldest daughter, Maura. She just received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. First doctor in the family. Quiet and studious, she's the second oldest child. Tess' son, Paul, is out at sea with the Navy this year.


The youngest daughter, Camille. About to turn 21 and already quite a handful. She's a college student at Bloomsburg U, a big party school. It's turning her poor mother's hair grey.


The middle daughter, Laine. A natural storyteller with an ascerbic wit. You don't want to cross her. She and I get along very well. She's a returning college student at Shippensburg U. but I think the surrounding very rural area is driving her crazy. She prefers city life.

Laine and Camille

Another shot of Laine and Camille. How they used to fight as children! They still do, both having fiery tempers.

More food!

Tess preps for more food in anticipation of the Christmas tradition...

Playing Taboo

A game of Taboo! That's Tess' best friend since childhood, Gladys, and Gladys husband Bill. Bill trains dogs for police work. They live with three gigantic German Shepherds.

Taboo is a Christmas tradition

That's Tess' boyfriend Ken again. At this point the hard liquor had been broken out. I tend to find that there are four main types of drunks: Happy, Sad, Angry, and Stupid. I hate to say it but Ken appears to be the latter. I don't at all get the impression that he's stupid when sober, however. You can see Laine's ubiquitous cell phone which she was using to arrange a rendezvous, for herself and Maura, at a club with friends. And who can blame them. Hmm, Taboo or young hot men. Hmm.

Shortly after they left I departed as well. We won at Taboo, by the way, because Laine was on our team.

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