I know I'm cluttering up your journals, people...

...but this will give you an earbug and possibly drive those you live with crazy.

Ganked from hartsease
Moments of greatness.

"You know I think Barb has a girlyfriend, you know what I mean."
"You know, I think they're dykes. That's just disgusting you know what that'll lead too?"
"Yeah the next thing you know you're engaged to a red head that works in a bondage shop, trying to trap vampires and being given priests in restraints for treats after work."
A side effect of stalking flist flists is that you tend to add people to your flist in large numbers, thereby making your flist ponderously large and unmanageable and possibly not safe for work, and also possibly creeping out people who wonder who the fuck you are and why you've added them. It's on my info page, people. Don't freak. Oh, and does anybody else feel pressured to try and write the best posts EVER every time when their flist starts to grow?

I know everyone knows this but just a reminder: Big empty buildings can give the bravest of us the heebie jeebies.
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