It's a Festivus miracle!

Out of the blue my ex-girlfriend, with whom I'm still quite close, invited me over to her house for Xmas tomorrow night. I was feeling particularly grinchy but fortunately motel666 posted about what she did for her roommate for Xmas and it was so endearing that it put me in a festive mood just in time to brave the mall.

I had already bought a gift for my ex-girlfriend but now I would be seeing her darling daughters so I decided the best thing for them, being all college-age, was cash. I got some gift envelopes on which I'll put these 3d foam holiday stickers --
stickers1 stickers2
Since the new boyfriend will likely be there as well I got one of those heart attack on a platter Hickory Farms gift boxes for him to open. I'm sure we'll all share. So now it will be a merrier Xmas.
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Yay for Hickory Farms!!! Mmmmmmmmmm...sausage and mustard.

I just had tomato soup, made with cream instead of water, with crackers all crushed up right in the bowl.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I still have room for sausage and mustard, though. :)