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Today, ganked from bradhicks, we have Five Geek Social Fallacies. A most interesting read and quite revealing for geeks like me. You all may also find the Wikipedia entry on Logical Fallacies, as well as an article called Conversational Terrorism enlightening and useful for those of you who have lively comment sections in your journals.

Although I'm working through the Christmas holiday (which essentially means spending the entire time stalking flist flists, and though I don't generally celebrate the season in my tiny little heart, still I wish each and every one of you a Merry Whatever and a New Year.

Day before yesterday I was making a new post every time I saw something I wanted to put in my ell-gay. Today I'm feeling uncomfortable with that and insecure and worried about cluttering up other's flists so I'm putting things down as they come to me in a text editor for later posting. I really need to grow a pair.

Speaking of Christmas, someone was just commenting on how much they like wrapped presents. I'm down with that. I really like a good wrap job (that sounds vaguely pornographic, and also sexxay). When I was a kid (in fact I still do this) I used to open my presents carefully, taking care not to tear the paper if I could. My sister was the exact opposite and had the potential of doing damage to the actual gift in the process of ripping it open. The one and only single solitary prezzie I'm giving this year has a mediocre wrap job at best (my own work). It needs enhancement before presentation. Maybe I'll set it on fire just before I give it.
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