She axed me to

Some broad named castevet asked to be made hip to what it was like when I was a zookeeper so, being the vain showoff I am, I decided to post some scans.

The following photos were taken about 19 years ago when I was still young and sexxay and doing something worthwhile.
monkey cubs
These first two shots were taken in our nursery at the Cypress Gardens Zoo. The spider monkey was named Nikki. His father, Samson, was my mortal enemy. Nikki turned out much like his father: unpleasant and treacherous. The two Bengal cubs were named Salome and Sheherazade. They were sisters and, like all our tigers, we used to keep them for about six months, teaching them behaviors that would make them somewhat safer to handle as they grew older.
gator gatorshow
Here I am, showing off at the gator show. I like to tell people I used to wrestle alligators but in the show itself this is about as big as they got. For their size, though, they contained an unexpected strength. Judging from the look on my face in the photo on the right, and by the way the alligator is rising up on his or her hind legs, I suspect the gator probably just tried something. Fight or flight.


Bringing dinner to our black and white lemurs. At one point we had one of the best lemur collections in the country, and we had some breeding success. These black and whites used to like to hang from the top of their enclosure and make grabs at my head while I cleaned up every morning. They were playful and sweet.
bomba siberian

The Bengal on the left was named Bomba, the gentler of two brothers. His sibling, Brawny was probably sneaking up behind me in this shot. On the right we see the only Siberian we ever had. I don't remember her name. We didn't have her long. She's so young here that she still has some blue in her eyes.

Maybe more scans later.
cute monkehs. lookit you rockin the 80s. i myself was only five nineteen years ago but ROCK THE FUCK ON

Merry Chrishmish to you, sir. I opened all my gifts last night. So aside from a terribly boring lunch at my Uncle's house (and he has PNEUMONIA!!! WHY ARE WE GOING TO HIS HOUSE???) Chrishmish is a goner for me already. Boo? Yes. Boo.
I know I be a geezer but I do rock.

Merry Chrishmish to YOU, lady. What did you get? I want to see your swag! I am going to work shortly and then I will give the gifts I suddenly had to buy and wrap. I'm supposed to get something in the mail but looks like it will be here next week. I want presents!
i got AIDS for christmas
no, seriously, i got slippers, a bathrobe, some pijamas, books, DVDs, moneys, and records for XXXMas

The DVD loot:
Eyes W/O A Face
the Bad Seed
Barry Lyndon
Fraggle Rock
(Buffy season 6)

Book loot:
In Cold Blood
Tatum ONeal's autobiography (sensationalist trash! AWESOME!)
Jean Cocteau's "The Holy Terrors"

The Vinyl Loot:
Kill Bill Vol. 1&2 Limited Edition LPs.

I'm not sure I'm going to get anything when I go to my friend's house tonight, but whatever. I'm told there's a package in the mail from a friend in Toronto, which is in the country of Canadia or something, so there might be a Festivus miracle next week.

Also, sensationalist trash is always awesome.

Also, I am the AIDS.