Hippy dippy weather, man

The leaves have started changing. Showing their happy little reds and yellows. It's like a total trap. "Oh, look how pretty we are! Let's watch the Charlie Brown Halloween special and feel all nostalgic!" WHAM!!! SNOW AND ICE RIGHT DOWN YOUR COLLAR UNTIL APRIL!!! Sneaky fuckers.

On a completely unrelated note, I hate bank machines. I hate banks, period, frankly! Wasn't usury one of those sins the sweet zombie jesus was so pissed about?

What I hate about bank machines is how badly the user interface is designed. You stick your card [slash] mind control slave marker in the slot and -

<-- Spanish         English -->
<-- French         Portuguese -->
<-- Urdu           German -->

Then it makes you reach way over to another keypad altogether and type in your secret magic happy funball number. Then, "Now run around the block and MAYBE I'll give you some money! That's right, beg for it you rule following pencil neck! Do you want a receipt? Tough shit! Worship my mechanical penis, meatsack!"

And now some bribe taking politician lets Diebold make his voting machines.

I'd still rather deal with the machine than the bank tellers.
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