In which I whine uncontrollably, followed by a hugging and crying session.

Yesterday maintained it's deceptive appearance of being a Friday to the bitter end. Today the plant is shut down and most of the management staff are on holiday. Despite being Thursday it feels entirely too much like a Monday. A shitload of contractors are here doing maintenance and also installing new equipment. Butt cracks and flannel shirts for everyone! Yay!

I've been watching the repeat episodes of Lost these past couple weeks. I hadn't seen them before so it's allowing me to catch up. This "monster" that's storming around the island. Personally I think it's a big bull elephant. What with the polar bears running around, my guess is that there was once a zoo on the island. Having seen these episodes I now get the impression that the writers took some kind of left turn in the plot lines. They seem to be piling on all sorts of new stuff and leaving the old stuff hanging. I'd better start taking notes. I should probably join some of the Lost communities here to read what the current theories are, but if I did that I'd also have to join the Carnivale, the Amazing Race, the Six Feet Under, the Sopranos, and the Spongebob Squarepants communities as well. Maybe I will. It would give my profile page the illusion of popularity.

While I was watching Lost, last night, I wrapped the one and only Xmas gift I'm giving this year. I didn't even send out cards to my long distance friends. I don't usually get any back so fuck 'em. Last year was the opposite. I spent the holiday with a former girlfriend, with whom I'm still very close, and her family. Because I'm a pathetic loser I bought them all sorts of stuff. Boss makeup kits for her girls, flannel pajamas for her, and even a PalmPilot that was on sale and that she'll never use. I think I got back a pair of jeans that didn't fit. That's right, I'm keeping track because that's what Christmas is all about!

In other news, it's 49 degrees F and raining, which is a hell of a lot better than snow. pivovision posted a link to a band trying to make its way in the horrid world that is the entertainment industry. Of course, you already knew this because pivovision is on all of your flists as well. The link has some mp3's of their music. My personal favorite was I Die. I went ahead and bought their EP because I'm an emo fag. I forgot to buy bread last night so I'll be having chips and a box of raisins for lunch. Psychosomatic starvation will ensue. Once I get past 12 noon I'll no longer feel hungry. I don't know why. Because I'm freakish.
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I started watching the reruns of LOST too. I'd never seen it before and watched it with me mum at her house last week. Damn, wish I didn't. Addictive. Anyway, my sister in law already told me about the Polar Bear.

Had I known it was a Zoopernashuralle show I just might have watched it from the beginning, but I figured it was a "livin' off ze land" show so I never bothered.

I mean, the only TeeVee I watch is VH1 Classics and those lame VH1 shows... and American Justice and History Channel Hitler shows (note: I typed HOTLER by mistake.)
A search for "Hotler" in Google has yielded interesting results.

For instance we have Mommy's Little Baby, a site that is committed to the Nursing Mother and Her Baby (caps theirs). The CEO and President of Mommys Little Baby is mommy's little baby Nathan, for which there is a nursing picture. Hubba hubba.

Nazi Moalemi

Nazi Moalemi (Nazi!!), shown above, is the Senior Vice President in charge of Baby Comfort.

Next, we move on to this Polish Hitler web site entitled "Hitler 4ever". A poor but amusing translation obtained at the Langenberg Translation Site yields results in the text such as "adolf hotler was gays". Also, a set of navigation links that are, in order 1) resurrection 2) the Hitler 3) at length 4) hat 5) tenor 6) Terrestrial 7) WITH Z dentist!

Isn't Google fun?
Nazi is a Persian nickname, pronounced with a soft z. I don't know why the dark ugly thing has the name though. You know how these negroes do, using beautiful names for their putrid spawn.
I learn so much on LJ because I purposely seek spheres of experience radically outside my own. And now I know this. New knowledge is totally bonerizing. Many thanks.