Crazy like whoa

Went to the Chinese restaurant to pick up some supper. The crazy guy from last time was there. He was wearing headphones attached to some electronic device; an mp3 player or little radio. I could faintly hear the sound of tinny music coming from the headphones. The crazy guy was talking to himself again. Things overheard this time:

"We eat Navy Seals for BREAKFAST!"


There was no dog in evidence. I'm not sure why the owners let the guy hang out in their restaurant. There was no food on his table.

Speaking of crazy people, my downstairs neighbor is screaming again. The one thing I've heard clearly so far is, "No fucking god damn god!!" I couldn't make out any of the context of what that's all about.

I may try and snap a shot of the crazy guy at the restaurant with my cell phone next time, if I see him again. Depends how much I feel like living at that moment.

I'm going to eat my Chinese food supper and wrap the one and only Xmas prezzie I'm giving this year. Lost is on tonight. It's a repeat but I haven't seen it. Yay.
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