Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes

Is it just me or can you tell immediately when someone is a jackoff simply by looking at them? Most people will probably say, "Yeah, sometimes." I feel like I can do it most all the time.

A young couple just walked into work here. I looked at the face of the man and then at the face of the woman. They were toting a couple kids between them. The guy works here. The man had a cruel look about him and the woman a hang dog look. Am I being simplistic or does anyone want to bet the woman gets the beat down on a regular basis?

Hey, I know - people are multifaceted beings. I'm not saying I can peg everything about a person just by looking at them. But I am saying I can do a bit of pigeon-holing more often than most. I'll admit, though, I can do it with men much better than women. I'm going to start a business in which women consult with me on whether they should date an individual or not. I'll be able to tell them inside of five minutes; often with just a photograph.

That's right, I'm Mr. Perfect. Bow down before my magnificence.

I think I'm stepping dangerously close to the old pseudo-science of phrenology, or whatever it was called.
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