I angle bracket and three email

So, I got a couple emails on my Well account from Stirrings C. Norris and Tornadoes A. Ballsier inviting me to a website. Man I wonder if the registrant of registered it over the phone. I would have loved to have been taking that order. Anyway, in her engaging letter to me, Ms. Tornadoes Ballsier asked the question I'm always asking, "...if he's going to have s e x with random ladies then why shouldn't I have s e x with random guys?" Indeed Ms. Ballsiers. She also said, "I know for sure there are over 20,000 other horny housewife here because my husband has been out all night for the past 3 nights and he won't answer his cell phone!" The flawless logic! Dear Tornadoes closed her missive with, "So now I am going to f u c k like crazy just like all the other ladies here." I do so hope I'll hear from darling Tornadoes again. Thanks for making my morning Stirrings and Tornadoes!

To think The Well used to be a haven of intellectualism and artistic endeavor. Now all that has moved over here to LJ.
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