Mmm, lizards

I ganked this link from vivnsect. The site is in Japanese but you can easily navigate to the gallery which is gold, people. Gold!

I do so appreciate the fact that my job typically doesn't require me to actually do anything. It leaves me free to LJ all day, with the permission of the plant manager! I do have to exercise caution in what I click on with the administrative assistant around, though. She is an asshat, with primary emphasis on the ASS (the bubble butted hose monster), and lesser emphasis on the hat, which she should wear, preferably a ski mask, or better yet a paper bag (hideous old shrew - she has no chin - because it was sucked into her ASS).

In other news: the single digit temperatures are drying my skin and I'm flaking like a lizard. So now my personality and my skin match. Huzzah.
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