Went to the Christmas party at my karate school last night. Took pictures without the flash which made them blurry because I wasn't using a tripod. I'm a genius, and also talented.

Earlier, the students put up the tree.
Karateka put up the tree Sensei admires the result
Almost finished

It was freekin' cold outside.
It was freekin' cold outside

But quite a few people showed up.
party 1 party 2 party 3
party 5 party 4 party 6
party 7 party 8 party 9
party 10 He likes kids way too much

There was tons of food. I, myself, brought a lame party platter of meat and cheese with crackers. Everyone ate way too much.
party 12 party 13
party 14

This school is very tight knit. Whole families attend together and some students have been attending since they were kids. One person even made Christmas ornaments.
party 15

Like I said, a very close knit school. Later, saki was produced and a ritual toast was performed from senior to junior students (over 21 of course). Then, students and instructor got out on the floor and did some impromptu kenpo practice. Finally, our rather versatile instructor, who is also a magician, did sleight of hand and card tricks. How's that for unexpected. I was the only one with a camera so no pics I'm afraid.

All in all it was incredibly representative of the area. Strong family orientation in this town. I enjoyed it but frankly I'd still rather have been drunk and found the next morning dead from a heart attack after taking home three hookers and a goat.
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