The neighbors are home

I know the neighbors are home because of the woman. The woman doesn't seem to know any means of communication that doesn't involve yelling. The first thing she did, this morning, when she walked in her front door is scream shuuuuuutt uuuuuupp!!!! at her two little yapping dogs. On an aside, why do high stress people always get high stress dogs? Or maybe it's the high stress people who make the dogs high stress. Anyway, I did take a moment of pleasure from her shrill shriek this morning. I know I had a hand in it. My other neighbor and I actually got to park in front of the apartment last night while the screamer and her husband/boyfriend/whatever were at work and I'm sure it annoys the screamer like, apparently, everything else in this world.

This woman uses the word fuck more often in daily conversation than anyone else I have ever heard. It comes squealing up through the floor from the downstairs apartment. It comes rumbling up through the pipes of the radiator. It's typically the only word I can make out in her harangues, probably because of it's fairly unique phonemes. "mumble mumble fucking mumble mumble fucking mumble fuck!" The woman puts much more passion into her anger than into her very infrequent lovemaking. In fact, I'm sure she's faking.

What concerns me is that she uses the exact same language with her children. The children have learned that screaming is the only legitimate way to communicate. There goes one of them now. Another temper tantrum. "scream shriek *thump* shriek scream *thump*" And the mother's reply, "shrilling yelling fucking yelling shrilling fuck!" I see the effect this has on her two girls. They roll their eyes like spooked horses and twitch like a nervous deer that smells a mountain lion. Fortunately, a guy, whom I presume to be their father, frequently takes them away for the day. Then the woman can focus all of her overriding fury on the current man of the house. The mullet and ball cap wearing tall skinny stoop-shouldered quiet broken spirited shell of a man. You know, they used to have only one yappy dog and a big rottweiler. I suspect the rottweiler belonged to the man and she made him get rid of it. Too bad. It might have ripped out her throat and saved the emotional well being of at least six people, currently.

Chances are increasingly good that I'll be moving in January. I'm looking forward to it.
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wow. some people REALLY shouldn't have children... or dogs.