The temperature, this morning, was 14 degrees Fahrenheit and dropping. There is snow glittering in the air and a strong east wind. It's a winter wonderland! Much like Siberia.

Whatever foul plague tried to take me on yesterday morning was gone by midday. Vanquished by my superior genes. You know you want to have my children.

The thief in my karate school was confronted after it was clear he was the only one who could have taken the three dollars from a fellow student on Saturday and, although he didn't directly admit he had taken money, he did offer to hand over his belt, or obi as it's called. His father offered to pay back the money but our teacher, or sensei, refused. He also wouldn't let the kid quit. Wants to keep him on and try to teach him honesty and respect. Says people give up on kids too quickly. I can understand where he's coming from but if it had been me I would have taken the kid out back and shot him in the head. But that's just me. In other karate news, I finally advanced in rank to the next level. Only 9th kyu I'm afraid but progress is progress.

This has been another episode of "My Life", with seaslug o' doom, the Unisom of LiveJournal.
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