I have a lot of time to kill

Escaped snow for another day. It was flurrying on and off but the temperature stayed up and melted it all. Now, though, the temperature is dropping and there's still a 40% chance for more snow. Fuck I hate snow!

I've been reading bradhicks essays on how things have ended up the way they are in our government. Today he provided an interesting article first printed in Harper's Magazine and transcribed by Here are a couple choice quotes that don't really give an idea of the article so much as just entertain me as sweet soundbites --
"How does one reconcile the demand for small government with the desire for an imperial army, apply the phrases "personal initiative" and "self-reliance" to corporation presidents utterly dependent on the federal subsidies to the banking, communications, and weapons industries, square the talk of "civility" with the strong-arm methods of Kenneth Starr and Tom DeLay, match the warmhearted currencies of "conservative compassion" with the cold cruelty of "the unfettered free market," know that human life must be saved from abortionists in Boston but not from cruise missiles in Baghdad?"
"The debacle in Iraq, like the deliberate impoverishment of the American middle class, bears witness to the shoddiness of the intellectual infrastructure on which a once democratic republic has come to stand. Morality deemed more precious than liberty; faith-based policies and initiatives ordained superior to common sense."
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