Birds & brains

Jeebers gives me the stink eyeI believe Jeebers is starting to think about her twice yearly need to lay eggs. She's starting to scratch around the bottom of her cage and the paper at the bottom, as well as any paper she can get ahold of in the apartment while she's flying around, is getting shredded. In the approximately two and a half years I've had her I've explored ways to discourage the desire to lay eggs and I think I've been relatively successful. Not completely, though, and when she does lay eggs I've had mixed results on the best way to avoid multiple clutches. I've tried the two most approved methods of either pulling the clutches immediately or letting the bird sit on them for the standard 28 or so days. Both work or don't depending on factors I've not yet identified. We'll see what happens.

When I joined LJ it was spontaneously, as a result of someone introducing me to one of the funnier, more prolific, LJ'ers. I didn't know anything about the community, I just wanted to participate in something I particularly enjoyed. Of course, now my views on LJ are expanding exponentially and I've become quite fascinated with LJ culture overall.

Today, I tried out Google's beta "scholar" utility in which you can search through journal articles, abstracts and other scholarly literature. I found a paper in pdf format written by Susan Baim, a professor of Business Technology at Miami University, Middletown, who has had students create LJ accounts as part of an Internet Marketing course in order to expose them to internet and LiveJournal culture and "citizenship", as Professor Baim puts it. I didn't take much away from the paper but I went to baimsa 's journal and she still has her students on her flist. It was interesting to see the difference between those who were into the culture and those who were posting merely to meet the requirements for the class. All I know is I need to stop posting nothing but quizzes or I'll have no one left on my flist.
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Good luck with Jeebers this time around. If I recall correctly, last time you and she managed the egg removal quite well, yes?

I peeked at the professor's LJ and thought I was reading a teenage girl's diary. Excessive exclamation points is one of my pet peeves, as you well know. I'll give her paper a read later; once I've gotten over her puerile punctuation.

I've been watching my son on MSM and cringing and nagging him as he adopts the AOL-speak: "How r u 2day?". He's not so pleased with my interference but I keep telling him that he'll thank me one day. Hopefully, I'll be asleep in the middle of the night when he does so and it will be a quick and painless death.