Ah weekends.

Now that I have somebody hired for the weekend day shift I get to enjoy them again. I'm drinking a glass of wine and listening to KCRW over the computer speakers. Spent the whole day reading flist flists until my eyes were dribbling right out of my head. Now I'm blind. Thanks for being interesting, butt-monkeys. Actually not the whole day. I went to karate this morning where my endurance was severely tested.

We have a thief in our karate school. Ripped off me and another guy for sure. Probably other people as well. We had a suspect from the get go. Some kid and his brother who only show up on Saturdays. He's a stupid thief. What he does is he asks to go to the bathroom in the middle of class. This week one of my instructors put his own wallet in my pants to try and trap the kid. Kid didn't hit my gear this week but he took three bucks from my friend. Only a matter of time before we catch him red handed.
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