This is what happens when you're a latent homosexual

I'm one of those kinds of people who keep one plate, one glass, one cup, one fork, one knife, one spoon in the dish rack and I eat off this one set every day. I just walked into the kitchen and, for a split second, looking at the one glass that was soaking in the sink, I thought, "I'm not washing that just to have a drink." A split second later I remember I have A WHOLE SET OF EVERYTHING IN THE CABINET! I clearly have gone right off my nut.

So, war has been declared between me and the administrative assistant. She used to be the receptionist and she used to sit at my desk. There's still a switchboard type of phone left on my desk from when she used to have it. They've been talking for awhile now of switching it out for a regular phone. Yesterday that plan moved forward a bit. Not far enough to have the new phone actually lined up but farther. The administrative assistant decided that this was reason enough to take the switchboard phone off my desk. I guess she expected me to use the phone across the lobby until my new phone was ready, which wasn't going to be yesterday or today. No. So, I went to the IT guy and got the switchboard phone back.

Now. The administrative assistant, for some reason, has also left her adding machine and her typewriter out near my desk. I don't know why but when she needs to type something or add something she comes out by my desk and does it. She's an idiot, ok? Anyway, a little bird told me that the plant manager was looking at the adding machine and typewriter and thinking out loud that maybe they should be moved away from my desk. Today I went in and saw him and said I thought that was a splendid idea. The plant manaager replied that he would have someone get right on it. So that means little miss queen of the office is going to get her shit moved around. It's going to seriously piss her off. I'm really hoping it causes her to pop a vein.

So it's war! Weasel faced, chicken necked, bubble butted, gay-wad war. Yes, I have become a homo fag Depends wearing fuckstick. I am now a little old lady. Thank you.
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