I'm honored

The University of Blogging

Presents to

An Honorary
Bachelor of
Attention Seeking

Majoring in
Non Sequiturs


Blogging Degree
My degree is so absolutely true. I am totally an attention slut and can't stay on any topic for any length of MAN I could go for a baked cold cut sammich right now.
"Sammammishes!" I think to myself where have I heard that before, wracking my brain, but shortly realizing I don't have to wrack my brain ever again because we all have a friend, yes a friend indeed, called Google, the best thing to come along since sliced bread which is great for sammammishes: one click and I'm there, and sure enough 1330 entries, apparently all misspellings of Sammamish which, itself gets 328,000 entries -- I knew I had heard that before -- a lake AND a town but apparently no one with sense enough to open a sammich shop in front of either called, maybe, "Soup & Sammammishes" or something (what happened to cleverness in this country, oh yes it moved to ellgay) but I don't have time for this because Google's technical stream-of-consciousness is taking me on and on to show me that Ted Bundy successfully hunted at Lake Sammamish and also at Nederland, CO, where I know another crazy person who can't keep a job because of his apparent drug controlled madness but has still managed to put out two music albums with the help of his friends, and one has to wonder what this says about musicians, but then I think, "Oh yeah, Mozart", so maybe my Nederlander is a genius like Howard Hughes (I really want to see that movie) but these days preferably at one of those places that serve food and beer in the theatre so I can have sammammishes instead of popcorn or nachos or those $3 hotdogs which they probably do serve in Sammamish.