If you're really bored

Someday I'm going to post photos that are properly color corrected or at least interesting.

Sunrise at workSunrise at work

My favorite pizza jointHere's my favorite pizza joint in Hazleton, PA

The guy who runs this place barely speaks English. They don't open til 3 pm and they're open late enough for the bar crowd. Note the Italian flag colored lights.
Barely speaks English Does good business
Ready for delivery drivers Note the Italian flag lights

Sunset at the JiffyLube, Wilkes-Barre PASunset in Wilkes Barre, PA

Jim ThorpeAnother shot of Jim Thorpe

Ice on cliff
All winter there will be ice on the cliffs around Jim Thorpe and Lehighton. When the icicles are big enough people will paint them with food coloring.

Old church, Route 93Traveling up the mountain towards Hazleton.