Hooray for drugs

At 2:15 am this morning a horrendous crash followed by the steady drone of a car horn stuck in the on position rocketed me out of a sound sleep. I believe some drunk must have been trying to park. After a few minutes the blaring horn moved off into the distance, suggesting somebody was driving through my small, sleeping town like some kind of Paul Revere who warns, "The drunkards are coming, the drunkards are coming!" I couldn't see anything from my windows during the occurrence and there was no evidence of mayhem when I drove past the place where it must have happened on my way to work.

Sudafed rocks. I <3 those little red pills. The green tea with honey and lemon started my day off well but this pharmacological wonder got me through work. Nothing could make the mall tolerable, however. The holidays are no time to be with other people. All the kiosks were staffed by aggressive Russian mafia types trying to get people to buy remote controlled cars and kung-fu movies from Hong Kong. Fearing madness, I fled to Borders where I had another cup of green tea. I bought a prezzie for a friend and a calendar for the kitchen.

Now I'm home and after Star Trek: Enterprise is over and the cat finishes napping on my chest I'll heat up some Campbell's Chicken & Stars soup. It's been no more than 24 hours and I think I've already licked my cold. As usual. Tomorrow I'll sleep in and do nothing, thus insuring good health for fucking Monday and fucking work.
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