I'm trying to catch a cold. Going to fight it the way I usually do -- tea with honey, some lemon juice, chicken soup. Usually I'm successful, but that's mostly because I've always been able to fight off wussy diseases like the common cold. Yay me.

Totally forgot I have to work down in Allentown tomorrow. It is teh suck. But only for four hours.

Advertising and everybody on LJ is making me consider buying an iPod. This is the first year in a while that I haven't had a reason to buy Christmas gifts for anyone else. My family has been dead for years and I'm not currently dating. I've never exchanged gifts with distant friends, just cards. Come to think of it, the people I sent cards to last year didn't reciprocate! So I'm spending money on me. Fuck everybody else and Merry Christmas.

And that's your morning update.
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