Commercials suck

Alright, so I'm watching these Toyota truck ads. Four guys are traveling in a Toyota truck through the jungles of Central America. In one episode they drive to a waterfall. One guy steps forward, climbs to the top, dives off and promptly crashes awkwardly into the water. He has to be carried back to the truck. In the next episode the guys drive up to a Mayan or Aztec temple. Again, the same guy takes the first step to explore the temple. He steps on a booby trap and gets a blowgun dart in his neck.

So, what's the message here? Buying Toyota trucks will put you in danger? Toyota trucks are only for people who conform and stay with the herd? There might be some basis to that last one considering Japanese society. The protruding nail gets hammered down. Marketing majors, clue me, ok?

Hands up, who else is already getting the holiday blahs? Getting that feeling of complete apathy? Standing in the grocery store staring at boxes of cous cous for 15 minutes at a time? Can't remember what you walked in for in the first place? I fought it off, tonight, by cleaning the bathroom of all things. Felt better after doing so. Guess the apartment is going to be spotless until January 2.
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