I have absolutely nothing to do

I'm tempted to join the metaquotes community but why bother when everything will be ganked into some other place I read. Like this for instance --

xxxkerryxxx: i kno
busch4lyfe: omg
xxxkerryxxx: bush went into this war on false pretenses
busch4lyfe: stfu
xxxkerryxxx: no rly, he did
busch4lyfe: well karey always changes his mind
xxxkerryxxx: wtf no i don't u jerk
busch4lyfe: >_< yes you do plus i have fathe based initaives
busch4lyfe: *initials
busch4lyfe: *initiatives
xxxkerryxxx: lol u cant spell
busch4lyfe: w/e w/e
xxxkerryxxx: i can be a better president neway
busch4lyfe: rofl
busch4lyfe: u cant' win
busch4lyfe: im teh incucumber
busch4lyfe: *incumberbun
busch4lyfe: *incumbant
busch4lyfe: crap
xxxkerryxxx: omg, r u 4 real?
xxxkerryxxx: yeah, yr totally 4 real...
busch4lyfe: omg mexed missages
xxxkerryxxx: u attacked iraq when osama wuz the bad guy!!1
busch4lyfe: bomb osama and his mama hehehehe
busch4lyfe: lolololol!!!!11212
busch4lyfe: 4 real tho, i talked to some woman a/b teh war and she thanked me and cried and we lol
xxxkerryxxx: kay, well 2 ppl from the army told me that they need me
xxxkerryxxx: so i win! pwned
busch4lyfe: u sux
busch4lyfe: and plus u flipflop and always change yr point of few
busch4lyfe: lol *view
xxxkerryxxx: no, u dik, i was formulating my opinions
busch4lyfe: ummm dick is not up here
xxxkerryxxx: what??/
busch4lyfe: dik. u know, the guy i work w/
busch4lyfe: lol i served u
xxxkerryxxx: omg
xxxkerryxxx: i g2g
xxxkerryxxx: u r ~sew~ annoying
busch4lyfe: no
busch4lyfe: im
busch4lyfe: not
busch4lyfe: u
busch4lyfe: r
xxkerryxxx signed off at 9:31:55 PM.
busch4lyfe: :/
busch4lyfe: :|
busch4lyfe: i LuV lAuRa <3<3
busch4lyfe: hmmmm
busch4lyfe: carey? u there?
busch4lyfe: hellooooo
busch4lyfe: o well
busch4lyfe signed off at 9:33:05 PM.
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