What are YOU lookin' at?!

So, I've been trying to take pictures with my new digital camera. I carry it around with me most everywhere hoping to find something interesting or colorful. How come photogenic things only happen when you don't have a camera. Now I have two on hand always and I'm taking pictures of Walmart, for gosh sakes. I decided to post pics of my shopping trip down to King of Prussia but I just finished visiting a travelogue another LJ'er put together over at his site, hatesauce, which is full of interesting photos from such exotic places as Japan, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Berlin, Prague, and on and on and I don't even know why I'm bothering to post my piss poor shots of my piss poor trip to a piss poor mall in a piss poor state of a piss poor country.

So this is what I did over the Thanksgiving holiday. On Friday I did this --

Laundertown Doin' laundry

Also got a chance to try this while I was there. I need practice.

Ate here while my clothes were in the washer.

Supper while the clothes wash

One thing about small towns in the northeast; there's never a shortage of small, family owned and run restaurants if you like pizza and sandwiches. And maybe perogies. I always have a bite during the wash cycle because I've noticed people will steal clothes from the dryer but not from the washer. At least so far.

But before all that, as I was walking out of my apartment, I noticed a big pile of bird poop out on the porch that hadn't been there in the morning.

Bird poop

I looked up and there was a little bird up in the eaves, staying out of the cold wind. It was too quick for me to get a picture and it hasn't been back, probably deciding that it was a bad business to live there after all what with all the staring idiots.


That was it for Friday. Saturday, after karate...

Class time

...I headed on down to King of Prussia, about a half hour west of Philadelphia. It takes a half hour or more just to get to the turnpike from my little corner of nowhere.

First you have to pass through the little tourist mecca of Jim Thorpe, the Switzerland of the Poconos or whatever they call it. Pretty town. Worth a stop if you're in the area.

Jim Thorpe train station Jim Thorpe

Next, you drive through boring ass Lehighton --

Lehighton, PA Leaving Lehighton

Finally, one hits the turnpike --

Getting on the turnpike

Through the short Lehigh Tunnel --

Lehigh Tunnel

About 45 minutes later one arrives in King of Prussia, near Valley Forge, after paying the toll --

Pay toll

This is what our forefathers fought and died for? Blatant, mass consumerism on a grand scale?

King of Prussiamall

Naturally the place was packed and required the intervention of this poor schmuck. He was making the best of it and cracking jokes but nobody was in a humor to enjoy him --

Directing mall traffic

Of course, the decorations were up in the mall --

Christmas carousel Mall decorations

I went down to King of Prussia because it has the closest Apple Store --

Apple store, King of Prussia

The place was packed with people buying iPods --

Buying iPods

But I don't listen to music very much so don't have much use for an iPod despite the new Photo iPod emanating much coolness. No, I bought this --

Apple iSight

Apple's high quality video camera for video conferencing and such. Like everything Apple makes it's super easy to set up and use. Works with iChat and iMovie. I'm going to see about making short films with my pets. Bet you can't wait. Apple's industrial design people just never cease to floor me. Even the bag I carried my iSight out of the store in was cool and useful. The carry handles were designed like a backpack's. How's that for when your hands are full of packages?

Apple bag

So I'm an Apple fanatic. Sue me.

Sunday I got out of bed, laid down on the couch, spent the entire day watching movies, went back to bed.

Another LJ'er was commenting about the magnetic ribbons on people's cars enjoining one to Support our Troops and begging God bless America. Like everyone, I'm seeing them every-frikkin-where. If you really want to start a good collection, though, go here --


Alright, that's it. Is it quitting time yet?
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