They bought a bullhorn at work, to be used in emergencies. Yes, a bullhorn. A megaphone. You know what that brought on, don't you? Let's all say it together, shall we? Lurking, sneaking hijinks and deafness. Utter mayhem in small, easily digestible packages. To no one's great surprise, people in admin are borrowing the bullhorn from me (I've been christened Keeper of the Bullhorn) and are tippy toeing from office to office honking great HONKS at each other. I shall have to adopt a No Fly Zone around my desk. Take charge. Become the adult. Yeah right. If cameras weren't frowned upon I'd take pictures but I'll see what I can do. It feels like Friday, today, because of the holiday, despite the fact I'll be here all week, regardless.

My boss is talking me up for the supervisor position at our new account in Allentown. I've pretty much told him I'd like the spot. Now, if we lose our Hershey account I'm going to get a new boss. His name is Rick. Rick called me today and asked if I wanted to be the supervisor over at Hershey. I told him I'd think about it and that I'd feel better about things if I knew they had completed contract negotiations and we were keeping Hershey as our client. I'm wondering why he offered me the spot. My boss had told me a while ago that Rick was trying to get his own guy in at Allentown. I'm wondering if Rick offered me the position at Hershey in order to get his own guy in at Allentown or if he offered me Hershey because he thinks I can do the job. Maybe the latter, because if we keep Hershey Rick won't be the boss at Allentown. My boss will continue to be the boss there. I wonder what I don't know. I don't know what I don't know. Office politics just suck. I hate having to learn the rules. I'm entirely too misanthropic to be good at these games.

I'm digging on this quote, ganked from adrenailine, for no particular reason --
“Prostitutes are in no danger of finding their present life so satisfactory that they cannot turn to God: the proud, the avaricious, the self-righteous, are in that danger.” C.S. Lewis
I won't be shoveling snow off the street and sidewalk in front of my apartment this year. My fairly new downstairs neighbors have two cars (at one time it was three) parked in front at all hours, causing me to have to park down the block always, so they can bloody well do it themselves. And the sidewalk round to the back as well, for good measure. Noisy red neck fucktards.

I have to go to the laundromat tonight. Have to.

For Thanksgiving I've decided to eat ramen. Cheap ramen. It's a protest thing.
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