Happy Holidays

They started putting up the Christmas tree at work. The guy who does it every year is on vacation next week so it's going up early. Soon as I saw it I thought of Christmases as a kid. When I was very young we used to have live trees but, growing up in Florida, the trees always looked like shit. I've seen the pictures. They were uniformly ratty and threadbare. So for many years we had an artificial tree. One thing was missing then and it hit me again today. No Christmasey pine tree smell. No smell at all. Decidedly not Christmasey. And who needs that crap anyway, before Thanksgiving, even.

The administrative assistant saw me surfing of all places. I try to minimize whatever windows I have open whenever I see her because she's a snoopy bitch. One of those kinds of people who will pause in a hallway or whatever, pretending to do something else while she eavesdrops on conversations. So she sees HotorNot before I can minimize it and she goes running to the plant manager. Plant manager comes asking if I'm looking at pr0n or WTF and I straighten it out soon enough. But now its war. I have a couple ideas, but suggestions on how to wreak havoc with her life and cause her endless pain and gnashing of teeth would be deeply appreciated.
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