Autumn is for wussies

One of my ex-girlfriend's three daughters called me at 1am Sunday morning. We'll call her M. Fortunately I was up and gawking at television and not sleeping. If I'd been sleeping I might have blown her off or not paid attention.

I dated M's mom for three years and lived with her for another year before we broke up. We've remained close friends in the three years since but now that my ex-girlfriend is seeing someone else I talk with her daughters much less than I used to. I miss them quite a bit. I frequently say that I don't like children but I enjoyed watching these kids go through the end of high school and through college. I'd like to say I wish they had been my kids but that seems kind of a stupid thing to say when I had no hand in making them who they are. I didn't do the hard work or suffer the typical tortures of parenthood. But I got to watch them for a few years and I did simple things like drive them to school and go to their softball games and whatever, so I feel some of the joy that is associated with talented young people growing and coming into their own.

M was drunk when she called and I think she had intended to call another person who has the same first name as me. I don't think she drinks more than the typical 20 something, but there's quite a bit of alcoholism in her family and it worries me. She just got her Doctor of Physical Therapy. Finally passed her licensing test and has started working. You would think the pressure would be somewhat lessened now she's out of school but sometimes I wonder.

I tried desperately to think of interesting things to chat about with her. A gap of 20 years in age can sometimes make that difficult. Asked her how she liked her new job.

"It's alright...they have two tables...what?...they only have two tables...s'not like I learned it...they don't do things like I learned them..." she said. She was pretty snockered

She was at someone's house and was talking to them at the same time she was talking to me. I asked her if she was driving and she said no. Soon after that she said she had to leave and promised to call me the next day. She did, too.

She's the most responsible of the daughters. She even commented that she had caught the disease of sending holiday and birthday cards to friends and family from her mother. When M called the next day we talked about the election and I told her I had almost voted for Badnarik. She commented, vaguely, that she hadn't realized anyone else was on the ballot besides Bush and Kerry. I was surprised for a moment but then remembered that her age bracket had shown the typical apathy about politics that they have for some time now.

M and I talked about my possibly moving away from here what with the new accounts we have opening up. We made vague promises of having lunch sometime before I moved. Made me sad that I couldn't think of more to talk about with her. You would almost think SHE was the ex-girlfriend and this was another break up.

I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about.

All the leaves are off the trees. A million clutching fingers as I drive to work each morning, all reaching for another day of warmth. It's cold enough now that soon my fingers will start looking like dry branches, themselves. They'll bleed red sap if I do anything outdoors.

Totally creepy series of pics ganked from distortionghost

Marvelous piece of short fiction, by Cory Doctorow, over at Salon for the price of a few ads if you don't have an account there.
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