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Today's douche

Caught about five minutes of the new season of Steven Seagal, Law Man, the other night. Five minutes was all I could stand before turning it off.

He's filming in Maricopa County, Arizona, now, home of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is a douche. So, obviously like attracts like.

Anyway, as usual, Seagal was traveling in a caravan of two SUVs filled with several police officers doing patrol and serving warrants. Though the police were dressed rather conservatively, in white or tan shirts and brown pants, with black body armor, Seagal was wearing desert camo, including matching body armor, a doo rag on his head, and a kheffiyeh or shemagh around his neck. I guess he equates the Arizona desert to the Middle East.

In the episode guide, below, it is pointed out that Seagal takes his crew to the gun range where he teaches them "zen shooting". Because that is what American police require training in most of all. How to shoot straight.

Considering recent events it was the most insensitive, tone deaf thing I have seen recently. The syndicates playing the show should be ashamed.
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