At the Airport

I'm at the airport. My many bags are checked, and by some miracle didn't get charged a weight overage. They tell me that I'll have leg room in my seat but I don't think SeatGuru agrees. We shall see.

I've said my goodbyes. The co-worker with whom I used to go gambling on many a night was upset but, being Japanese, wouldn't fully show it except by snapping her husband's head off.

When I arrive on the other side I'll be saying hello once again to most of those to whom I said goodbye. My relationships have always primarily been long distance.

Time has passed and I'm now on the plane, in a different seat than the one assigned. The previous seat had been accosted by two Arabic women and a one year old child. I fled.

Soon it will be time to take off so I leave you all here on the ground and I'll see you on the other side
I made it safely and am in my hotel, in Abu Dhabi, thanks to my boss. I have an appointment with my current employers, in Dubai, at 10 in the morning. I don't know if I'll be able to sleep tonight or not, having slept on the plane, but we'll see. The new adventure has begun.

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Yay! You are safe and sound on the flip side. Did I ever ask what you do for a living? I'm asking you now :)