Pointless posting again

Sitting here eating lunch. Turkey sandwich. But that pre-processed, round, doesn't even look vaguely like it came from an animal kind of turkey. Not the fluffy white or brown meaty really from a living animal turkey. Makes me feel vaguely better about eating meat.

I've considered becoming a vegetarian but have you seen what the leopards are eating lately? That's right, same thing as always - meat. That's the way the world works, ladies and gentlemen. If leopards didn't eat meat we'd all have antelopes in our swimming pools, or something. Nature is all about striking a balance.

Aren't we humans supposed to be above all that? Better than the animals? But we're the most unbalanced life forms I've ever seen! I think I have a solution. We should hunt and eat each other. I'm going to become a cannibal. It will relieve my guilt at not becoming a vegetarian and prevent us all having SUV's in our swimming pools, or something.
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Leopards may eat meat, but deer don't. I don't eat meat because I have a choice as a human being not to, and I choose not to because I always felt guilty about it. It's been five years and I haven't regretted it.

Not trying to sound preachy here, just conversational.
I hardly ever cook at home because, well, I'm just plain lazy. How difficult do you find it to stick to a strictly vegetarian diet? How do you insure proper nutrition and supplement for the lack of meat? What do you eat, generally? I'm not giving up oreos. That's final.
I eat anything but meat and I find it very easy. It doesn't take a lot of imagination. I'm also pretty big on all these Gardenburger brand meat substitutes... meatless ribs, meatless meatballs, meatless buffalo wings, meatless grilled chicken. And, of course, veggieburgers. I mostly eat Indian food and pasta. Lots of pasta. My boyfriend, on the other hand, is strictly vegan and won't even eat honey. I won't eat anything with gelatin in it.

My doctor seems to think everything is fine health-wise except there was a bit of a scare that I had maybe come down with B12 Anemia due to my bad eating habits in general, but it turned out to be a false alarm.

I ate three Oreos yesterday. They were soft and somewhat stale.