As I do every day, I've now seen everything

You've seen those products that have As Seen On TV on them? Heck, they even have complete stores called As Seen On TV. Well today I was browsing in everybody's favorite eastern PA discount store, Ollie's, and I saw something I couldn't believe - a product with a label that said Similar to Items Seen On TV. So help me, I swear!

Went to see The Incredibles. Really enjoyed it. Had some sophisticated humor and ideas. Matter of fact, all the kids around me were a bit bored by the first half of the film because it was dealing with some adult level themes. Imagine what super heroes would do if no one wanted them to be super heroes anymore. Watch as they deal with the every day challenges we all do. Work at unrewarding jobs for assholes. Come home to the typical family issues of bickering kids and spreading middles. Fighting nothing more than mediocrity. Don't get me wrong, Pixar does it's usual magnificent job. The film is visually stunning, full of humorous detail. The writing is top notch, as always. The second half of the film your kids will absolutely love, full of slap bang action and trademark hilarity. I highly recommend it.

Testing for the next belt in karate on Tuesday. I have no doubt I'll pass, particularly when I consider the skill of some of those ahead of me. Make no mistake, this school is no "diploma mill", as it were, but I'll move from 10th kyu to 9th kyu easily. But the belt is purple. Purple! PURPLE!! I'll be the gay Bruce Lee, ladies and gentlemen.
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