The flist knows all

Quite on a whim, I've decided to fly down to LA this weekend. I'll be staying near LAX. The nudibranchs of El Segundo will not be safe. Anyone in the know who can give me some restaurant recommendations? I don't want to rent a car, but I have a feeling it will be unavoidable.

Also, I'm taking two horrendous tests tomorrow. An all day affair. Remind me, please, what are good test taking foods with which to energize my poor little brain?
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Have fun in LA!

I've found that bringing a thermos full of rum is usually what I need to ace tests.
Try the McDonalds on S. Hope St. Their McNuggets are smashing!
As it happens, on Sunday I ended up in Long Beach, at a Scottish festival, where I ate shortbread nuggets. Then, later, at the airport, I did eat at McDonalds. Filet-o-fish, as always.
The Filet-o-Fish has eluded me all of these years.