Working title

Quote of the day ganked from hipstomp -- "It’s amazing how Google has all the answers. This role used to be supplied by religion."

I've not been on LiveJournal long, and I didn't keep a journal before this. I've noticed that I spend more time reading other journals than I do putting anything creative or thoughtful in mine. That may say something about me. I've been adding to my flist* and now I'm reading the friends of the friends on that list. It's a weird sort of six degrees from Kevin Bacon sort of LJ romp. I do believe I've become addicted. I don't know whether it's a good thing or a bad thing that I have so much free time at work.

Speaking of other journals, I thought typefiend said some intelligent things about the election, or at least his reactions to it. Many people have and I wish I had quoted them here when I saw them.

*New word also ganked from a friend list somewhere.
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