State of the Slug

A quick update on all things mollusk, which is all I can give at the mo.

My two projects have become four, though one is done and in the can. However, the one I'm working on now is a doozy. I have to build web-based training modules, for a certain large subset of people, to completely replace the instructor-led training they have now. That means detail, interactions, the works. And it's due like last year.

I have two people helping me, though I corralled one of them in on my own. They're both experienced instructional designers — much more experienced than me — and I need them, but they both want to go about doing this the "right" way, meaning analysis, storyboards, getting input from subject matter experts. The "right" way is going to take too long. However, I dare not alienate either one of my helpers or the project still won't get done on time and it will be a lot shittier. There's that, plus one of my helpers is having the devil's own time getting necessary software on his computer. If that doesn't happen then his contribution is going to be limited and I'm going to be stuck with most of the developing. Which has been the usual state of affairs for the last year and a half, anyway. So, when I'm not sitting in a conference room with them working on storyboards I'm going to be developing behind their back. Maybe I'll even finish by the time they're ready to develop. They can critique. My next project is associated with this one, is even bigger, and is also due like last year.

On top of all that, I'm taking two tests on Friday to get certified in certain software we're using. A requirement for my position. The tests are rather rigorous. There was also a certification project, which I've completed successfully, but I don't test well. I'm going to burn another day of development time, tomorrow, cramming; then the tests will take up the whole day, Friday. Christ on a crutch.

Well, I'm down to four and a half hours until the alarm goes off, in the morning, so that is all.
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I'll send mojo tomorrow that your pencil (or mouse)may fly with the power of your noggin. I'll also write a note so that whatever body part you have that doesn't like tests can spend the day down at the coffee shop. Bar. With the cats. Wherever.

Also, i found my stash of unstolen alligator yarn yesterday. Alligator resumes!