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Nothing interesting, just a State of the Slug Nation address

Life is taking a serious dook in my coffee and preventing me from spending time on LJ. I have two gigantic deadlines at work and, frankly, I don't know how I'm going to meet either one of them. If I do, the work produced will be sub-par, and I find that to be the worse of the two evils before me.

Unlike scienter, who happily neglects career and progeny to post about the madness that is the vie de Sandé (I'm going to get such a buch!), at the moment, I barely have time or energy to read what's going on in LJ-ville, much less post. Nevertheless, in an effort to reduce the abandonment of my flist I must ensure that all you hose-bags are aware that I am well and that I still love each and every one of you to little pieces.

To compound the suck, it is winter in the City by the Bay which means rain and windy temperatures in the 40s (quelle horreur!). This required I search for a new jacket. I found one in the Sports Authority, on sale, 25% off. A Columbia Sportswear waterproof jobbie in red, with a fleece lining. Now my upper thorax is toasty and my bloated little body looks dead smexy. No, I will not take a picture. None of you deserves that kind of bad behavior.

So, that is all I have for you at the mo. Please be good to each other and I'll comment where possible. RIP Heath Ledger. That makes the third celebrity death, recently, right? I know, I'm insensitive. Nothing new there.
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It is only through that happy neglect that the career and progeny persevere. My unyielding attention to one, the other, or both tends to just mess things up. My sanity is kept loosely intact with my occasional wandering away from each in short spurts.

I hope you figure out a way to not only meet, but kick le ass of, your deadlines with work that is pristine and worthy of much praise.
You realize, do you not, that I admire and envy your ability to carry on a thriving career, raise a young hellion, and yet still find time to write vastly entertaining missives for losers like me?
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