Stray thoughts

Just inserting a little something until I finish my travelogue on the House on the Rock, which is taking forever because things have most definitely picked up at work. I have projects that will keep me busy until March, and I come home tired.

Also on the work front, I had my annual review. The first one with this particular boss. Apparently, I'm smarter than I look because I came out smelling like a rose. If they give out raises in April I will get one. The problem with appearing to be competent, however, is that you are then expected to produce. There are people appearing around my cube, asking me for things. Who are these people?

The foghorns are going full tilt, again, out on the strait. One sounds just like a hoot owl.

Have I mentioned, recently, how very much I'm enjoying Douglas Coupland's new novel, The Gum Thief? The story's progress takes place entirely through journals, letters, emails, and Fedex's. Not one spoken word that isn't quoted in writing by the characters. Plus, the main character, Roger, is writing a novel, which is serialized throughout the book. There's even a character with my name who rants entertainingly!

I was somewhat disappointed with Coupland's last book, Jpod and I was leery when I saw this one at the Megalo-Book-Mart du jour. Plus, I'm not sure I like calling a thin little 275 page book a novel. Almost a phamphlet. Well, that's a little harsh.

But oh what a way with words old Doug has. I'm absolutely in love with these characters. I identify with them so much. I had to put aside all my other books and finish this one, which will take about another hour. Tragedy!


What is it with the gigantic brick of cornbread they slap down on your table at Marie Callender's restaurants? Am I supposed to eat that or build a house with it? Hell, I could gnaw my way into the center and live in it.

Also, why does squash retain heat so much better than other steamed vegetables? And why do I always throw caution to the winds with it and burn my tongue?
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