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I'm the corpse with the great teeth

It's 5:16 am in a brand new year, and the fog horns are hooting and calling from out in the strait. It's quite musical. There's a baritone and a mezzo-soprano. I can't tell you the notes they're singing, I don't speak music.

I fell asleep on the couch just after midnight, with the television on. The cats were still hiding in the bedroom from the fireworks display, a rather short but intense show, just outside my window.

As usual, what was on the television intruded into my dreams. I fell asleep watching Changing Rooms on BBC America, and then had foreign gentlemen talking to me urgently until my small backup cat woke me up, about an hour ago, by pulling at my shirt with her claws, a new habit likely stemming from anxiousness that I'll go away again for another two weeks. Turns out the foreign gentlemen were on the BBC News and weren't talking to me at all.

I was going to go to bed when Darby mauled me out of dreamland but, while in the bathroom, I decided to Google what happens when you swallow too much toothpaste; a concern of mine because I do. Swallow too much toothpaste, you know. I find spitting so vulgar.
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Happy New Year!

I just bought a new kind of toothpaste and it's so horrible that I can barely even have it in my mouth long enough to brush my teefs adequately before I have to eject it. I can't bear the thought of swallowing it.

So, what DOES happen when you eat too much toothpaste??
Depending on who you ask either your face melts like that guy on Raiders of the Lost Ark or nothing. But they all insist that we save the children from too much fluoride. 'Cause the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the fluoride they possess inside.

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