eat baby

Farewell, and enough already

I'm writing this from the Apple Store in the Mall of America. I'm on my way to have some lutefisk before I leave Minnesota. No time to make proper posts until later. Pray I don't die of lutefisk poisoning before my drive back to Wisconsin.
  • Current Mood: starving on purpose
"Lutefisk is the Norwegians' attempt at conquering the world. When they discovered that Viking raids didn't give world supremacy, they invented a meal so terrifying, so cruel, that they could scare people to become one's subordinates." -Jeffrey Steingarten.

May God have mercy on your soul as you enter the terrifying world of lutefisk consumption.
You're really gonna do that to your poor digestive system?! Be sure that you've signed your donor card and folks will know where to find you. Might be a great way to clean out the crud they say we have built up in our system. An alternative to high colonics. Best of luck. R