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“The rattling you hear is the roller coaster at the Mall Of America. I'm here and I'm never leaving.”

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I visited MOA for the first time this past summer. I really wanted to hate it, but I sadly did not. I don't love it, but I don't hate it like I'm supposed to.

I hope your vacation is treating you well!
Pretty amazing place, all things considered. Nice place to hide out in Winter. BTW, I wasted a half hour looking at various pics of seaslugs. A really amazing little guy, your namesake is. Where you staying while touring MoA? You gonna make it to the House on the Rocks? R
I'm staying at the Sofitel, down the road.

I'm planning on seeing the House on the Rock Monday since they're closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

Also, time spent gazing at pictures of seaslugs is never wasted!

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