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“Come to the land of the icing snow from the mid down to town with a hot springs blow. Yeah, hey there, how's she doing hey? Tomorrow afternoon, a 4 and a 1/2 hour drive will take me to the biggest shopping mall in the United States boss. You gotcha. You think I'm buying you something, you're gonna forget it.”

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So where does the train let you off? As far as I can tell, you might try Byerly's for lutefisk. There's a bunch of them in the metro area and one in the MoA. Best of luck (?!?) in finding some. Maybe it'd just be best for you to buy some and place it in a hermetically sealed container for consideration later. R
I got off the train in Chicago on Sunday and I've been on business in Madison since Monday. I'll be back in Madison next week and then I'll spend the weekend in Chicago after which it's back on the train home.
Chicago! Our old stomping ground! Both N and I grew up in the Chicago area. So what kinda stuff are you checking out in Chi town? N won't ever tell anyone this, but she used to study at the Art Institute. God, I miss doing that stuff. I've got to get back to having a life. R

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I'm going to play tourist and go to the aquarium and museums. Probably go up in the Sears Tower, though a native suggested I should go up in the "Handjob" Building (John Hancock) instead.
Good choices - I don't think you can go wrong with either one (Sears or JH). IMHO you gotta do the Science and Industry Museum and the Art Institute. Chicago is a great place to do the tourist thing. BTW, how long did the train take?
I know they have rooms for differently abled on the lower levels of the sleeper cars but I would check Amtrak's website or give them a call.
I checked my own self and it looks like they make every effort to accommodate wheelchairs and such, with some success I think. The only serious challenge you would encounter would be if you had to take a bus for part of the route not serviced by train.