Three weeks in the mid-west!

Just about ready to catch my train this morning. My bags are about packed, and I think I have everything I need, though periodically I keep hollering out, "Belts! Recharging cords! Razors! Assault rifle!"

I don't know why I hollered out that last one. I'm nervous. In my dotage I'm not as spontaneous and light on my feet as I once was. I'm worried about my cats; that they'll be alright 'til I get back.

Once the train gets rolling I'll be all right. Everything else will be swept away by the thrill of the open road. The open railroad. The lounge car might help, too.

I'll be on the train until Sunday evening. I don't think I'll find internet access, but maybe I'll be motivated to make phone posts if the mood strikes. I'm going to carry a steno pad everywhere so that I look slightly crazier than usual. I'll ask passersby, "I couldn't help but overhear. How do you spell 'Oh no she di' unt!'?"

Okay, I'm going to finish packing.
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