One of *those* people

Years ago, when I used to spend the majority of my time on AOL, and this is years ago, I used to think there were two types of people - Those who spent time in the chat rooms and those who posted on the message boards.

When I first got on the Internet, about 12 years ago now, I tried several online communities in addition to AOL; AOL wasn't the first. I was on Prodigy, which was all message boards at that time, Compuserve, which had a small but vibrant chat community, Delphi, which was a text based service that also had a mix of chat and boards, plus some regional services like The Well and Mindvox. Of course there were more along the way that I dabbled in like The ImagiNation Network, which was a game network from Sierra, and Apple's original online service, eWorld.

Being on The Well, a center for intellecutals, artists, and writers who spend their time on a number of message boards, you would think something would rub off. But no, I used, and still use The Well mostly for its shell account by which I access IRC. Of course, on most of these online services you could find people who spent time both in chat rooms and on the message boards but it usually seemed to me that there was a definite divide. I used to think very simplisticly about where the divide was. I would think that the message boards consisted of people who had a talent for writing and a need to put their words down for posterity. I also used to think that maybe there was an age difference with the younger people primarily in the chat rooms. I saw exceptions, of course, but I believed them the exceptions that proved the rule. I sort of equated this to before computers when you had people who kept written journals and those who didn't.

Two big things right now are instant messengers of various types, and blogs. Many people use both and are prolific in each. Not everyone can form their thoughts in a logical or cogent way but that doesn't stop them from putting their thoughts down and saving them for the ages. It also doesn't stop them from effectively transmitting a message, a feeling, a viewpoint, an idea. I now think the divide is between people who communicate and those who don't. Although I've spent years in chat rooms I realize that I spend a great deal of my time lurking and saying nothing.

I don't really know why I've started this blog. An unrealized and subconscious desire for creative writing? A sounding board for thoughts and ideas? And who do I think I'm going to share this with? Am I trying to make new friends? Impress people? After all, it's not like this is a private thing. I have this set up so that people can find it. That's a lie. I do know why I started this blog. At least I know what finally pushed me to start one. I've read blogs before but I was particularly entertained by one and I wanted to try and be entertaining too.

I've just had a self realization. I'm the most shallow person alive! Well I feel better. I knew this was good for something.
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