green and purple

To a Keyboard on an Autumn Evening

Oh clacking Dell keyboard
In the cube over yonder,
With gusto you are abhorred,
And so I sit and ponder.

Will I dash you against the baseboard,
Or will we reach a concord?
Will HR say that we warred,
Or mayhap that everyone snored?

Oh input device impossible to ignore,
My peace of mind fully founders!
Some bit of harmony I must restore,
Ere your user I slay, the bounder!

On the day I go to my reward,
Will, by St. Pete, I be deplored?
So silly a thing, still I roared,
Mere ticking and tapping; yet outscored.

Yeah, rhyming dictionaries can suck it.
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I'm for dashing someone against a keyboard, but that's generally my default in any office situation.

Lovely prose, my friend.