Isn't that a quaint little hotel. That pic looks good in black and white. Or it black and white? (the cars could be)
Yessir, it is black & white, or what the snooty asshats call greyscale, or I guess maybe monochrome or sumthin'. I call it, "Ah, this is so much easier than trying to adjust the <snooty asshat>hue and contrast</snooty asshat> so the colors look right."

Supposedly, this joint has a bit of history from old time Reno but I haven't acquired any of that interesting history which is why I haven't written about the god damn thing yet. I need you, you, you (and your thermos) on my field trips, Morticia, to uncover the sordid details of whatever burg I happen to be in.
Hey now, that IS a tempting offer. Let me just strap it on and I will be riiight there :)

Wouldn't that be a blast, to travel the countryside together and seeing how many jails we end up getting to look at from the inside? And by that I mean 'how many places we can be kicked out of?' and by that I mean yeah... you an' me and my Thermos Of Doom.
Does it make me a heathen if I don't know what a 'Family Style Basque Dinner' involves?